Raw particleboard

Lombardo particleboard is manufactured using only natural source material. It is a product of great quality, aesthetically impeccable, technically excellent, environmentally-friendly and safe for human health. Compact, lightweight and durable, it has a high mechanical performance that reduces tool wear and facilitates subsequent processes, such as cutting and drilling. Lighter in weight, it is easy to process in automation lines and easy to handle in the finished product. We produce it using only untreated virgin wood. No tree is felled specifically to make our particleboard panels. We upcycle quality material that would otherwise be rejected simply because of its size. At our production site in Mortegliano, near Udine in the North East of Italy, we only use certified, low-formaldehyde resins to aggregate the wood flakes and give our panels the mechanical characteristics required by international regulations. The way we work wood also affects the natural character of the finished product: by using flat and thin chips (the “flakes”), obtained using special machinery, we can achieve a compact product that requires less resin when pressed. A guarantee for everyone, both woodworkers and customers, while final users can have the certainty that the furniture of their houses are safe for their health and the health of their loved ones.

We compared three wardrobe doors using two types of panels by Lombardo and one commercially-available recycled wood panel.
Lombardo Piuma door, in virgin poplar wood
0,035 m³ x 470 kg/m³
Lombardo Pioppo door, in virgin poplar wood
0,035 m³ x 530 kg/m³
Commercial recycled wood panel door
0,035 m³ x 680 kg/m³