Lombardo was founded in 1967. It developed and grew together with its products: particleboards of excellence for the best design companies. Lombardo is the name of the family that has been guiding the Company for over fifty years.

Since the very beginning, we have been standing out from the crowd for our uncompromising attention to our source materials, the environment and safety. We only use virgin wood. Resinous pine and fir wood comes from sawmill scraps. Poplar instead is obtained from the parts of the tree that remain unused by plywood and paper manufacturers. The resulting product is the outcome of a virtuous circular economy that supports reforestation and promotes the expansion of forest coverage.

Long before the concept of sustainable development became a goal to be pursued universally, our mission was to harmonise a better quality of human life with the life cycle of a precious resource such as wood. For over fifty years, our particleboard have been a virtuous example of a circular economy. A production model that eliminates waste and gives forests the time to regenerate, while demonstrating how it is actually possible to do business in an ethical way.

*To ensure product traceability and to give customers total confidence in their purchase, the original certifications are issued only at the time of order.